Throughout my career I have developed several apps for iPhone and Android. Below is a selection of those apps.


Mighty Note

Mighty Note is a Powerful, cloud based note taking app with a simple, beautiful interface. Tagging notes is fast and easy with inline #hashtag support, allowing for effortless search and filter capabilities.



Nightlight Lullabies

Nightlight Lullabies played the music of lullabies and the visual elements were draggable to make things fun.

The App Store Editors selected Nightlight Lullabies as one of the great apps from Canada.



Moose Watch

Moose Watch aggregated tweets the reported moose sightings using the #moosewatchnl hashtag.

The app would then list the tweets and use the Geotag from the tweet to plot the sighting on a map.

The app made national news in Canada. Here’s a story on the app from the National Post.