In 2012 and 2013, I hosted my own design conference in my hometown, St. John's, Newfoundland. During this time, I experienced many of the pain points that event organizers face. Two main problems resonated with me: the lack of customizability and the length of time required to receive payment from ticket sales.


Working with a close friend of mine, who is an enginner, we looked for the most feasible method to test our event app ambitions. We built our first app on Shopify's platform because their platform would allow for full event page customization out of the box, and we could also solve the problem of paying event organizers within 3 business days. To this day, other event organization apps lack full customizability of event pages, and when they do offer such a service, they require additional fees. When it comes to payments, other event apps do not pay event organizers until after 30 days after the event is over. For example, if an event organizer promotes an event 6 months in advance and sells out of tickets in the first week, the event organizer doesn’t have access to any of that money for up to a month after the event date. Event organizers need money from ticket sales to fund their event, and this is why I think it's important to get ticket sales to event organizers as soon as possible. Furthermore, other services charge a percentage of each ticket sale which could cost thousands of dollars. This is solved by Evey too; there is no percentage fee pricing - just a flat fee of $19 per event per month. Instead of thousands of dollars, we charge a small fraction of the cost whether you’re selling 100 tickets or 10 000. In my personal experience, I accumulated $2,500 in ticket fees each year I hosted my conference. By using Evey, my total event hosting fees would have cost me $120.

As the designer on the team, I’ve had the opportunity to design the brand, marketing materials, user interface, and mobile apps. The design goals have always been clear: every design decision should be made to serve the event organizer. That’s the reason why the event dashboard for event organizers is fully responsive, why the attendee check-in interface is available on all modern smart phones, why it’s possible to fully access design files for the event page with HTML/CSS, and that’s why every feature is available to the event organizer at no extra cost.

Since Evey's launch on Shopify, Evey's clients have included Caltech, Harvard, Shopify, DraftKings, Smashing Magazine, Magnolia Designs, and thousands more. In addition, Evey has processed over 100 million dollars in ticket sales for event organizers.